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Sterling Electric & Sons, Inc. designed, built and installed several control panels for a new walnut processing facility. Each control panel had and individual PLC running the automation for a section of the process and then all the control panels were communicating to each other over an E-Net network. Sterling Electric & Sons, Inc. designed and programmed all the automation, the PLC programs and the TouchScreens that controlled the entire process

Setton Pistachios

Sterling Electric & Sons, Inc. re-designed the entire controls and electrical process for the existing Brooklyn plant for Setton Pistachios. In addition to re-wiring the controls and motors and a majority of the facility, we also designed the controls and automation for a large expansion simultaneously with the existing plant re-design. The entire expansion and redesign involved building 8 new control panels, each with its own PLC and touch screen controls. Sterling Electric also worked with SCE and installed a new 4000 amp service and 12KV distribution system for the facility.

Simplot Project

Sterling Electric & Sons, Inc. removed all existing electrical connections and power from an old chemical process blender. We then ran all new OCAL conduit and wire to a new blender the customer physically installed. We designed a PLC control panel with a touch screen and a pneumatic control panel to control all the chemical valves for the mixing process. The new PLC controls and automation allowed the plant to see approximately a 50% increase in the efficiency and speed required to make their blends. Future plans include adding remote batching and complete process automation.

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